Year 10 Civics - Australian National Identity
Does Australia need a National Identity?

Welcome Year 10 students to this Australian National Identity pathfinder where you will be guided to resources within the library and online to direct you in the research and writing of your assessment task. Make sure you continually check your to ensure you understand exactly what it is you need to do. Remember to use a variety of information sources within your work.

Then refer to the Information Skills Research Model and follow the six steps outlined to plan, research, use and evaluate in the completion of this task.

At OLMC students are advised to use the Harvard or Author-Date system of referencing. The Harvard System has two parts - In-text references and End-text references. In Year 10, students are expected to use both End-text and In-text referencing within their assignments to show all the references used to prepare the work. Students should construct a simple, alphabetical bibliography that includes all sources used; print, non-print (websites), maps, pictures, tables, graphics, cartoons. Refer carefully to the OLMC Years 10-12 Study Guide
for help in preparing your references and bibliography.

When you are researching your topic make sure you are organising your notes with this note-taking template from Making A Difference.

You will find relevant information for your assignment by browsing the shelves according to the following Dewey numbers/areas.
  • 305.42
  • 994

On the library catalogue, search engines and the World Book Encyclopedia you could try the following keywords to help you find the information you need. If you need any assistance just ask the teacher librarians. ´╗┐Use search terms such as:
  • Australia
  • Indigenous Australia
  • Australian symbols (e.g. the Flag & the Southern Cross)
  • Multiculturalism
  • Qualitities that makes us 'Uniquely Australian' (e.g. the response to the Queensland floods)
  • Australia Day
  • The Republic Debate
  • Sport


The library can also provide you with access to the following online databases. Some of these sites will contain full-text articles which you can print-out or email to your own email address. You will need to check the check the student portal for a message about the username and passwords for these databases, or alternatively you can ask one of the library staff.

Echo Newspaper Index and Issues

Electric Library Newspaper and Magazine Database. Search for articles from The Age, Australian, Herald Sun, plus other Australian and overseas newspapers and magazines.

Digital Age Newspaper

Ergo - research resources results
Ergo - research resources results
ERGO State Library of Victoria


FUSE - Find, Use, Share Educational resources
FUSE is a Victorian Education Department initiative for students and teachersto FIND, USE and SHARE quality EDUCATIONAL resources.
FUSE brings together content from Victoria's cultural institutions such as the Museum, the NGV, The State Library and ACMI amongst others.


Google search tips
  • Google assumes you have put the word AND between your search words so you don't need to!
  • Write down the key words you use so that you keep track of the searching you have done and don't repeat yourself
  • In Google you can also use the operator filetype: if you want to find particular types of files, such as pdf, ppt, mpg
  • Add the word podcast to your search string (list of search words) if that is the type of thing you are after.
  • Google images is good for finding maps as well as pictures. Use Google Advanced Search to specify what type of image you want to find, eg map
  • Add the search term ".gov" to your search and you will get hits for websites from government departments. These may be more authoratitive and less commercial

You can also use Google News (rather than web search) for current news items on your research topic.


The **Australian Identity**
The Australian identity is often talked about, but rarely defined.

**Australian Identity** & CultureInformation, resources and links related for the study of Australian identity & culture. Indigenous culture to 'strine', the arts to identity, humour, ...

**Australian** culture and **identity** - Oct 2010 ... This theme page covers Australian culture and identity with evaluated resources on a number of related topics including food, stamps

education - **Australian identity** on ASO - Australia's audio and **...**Video clips related to Australian identity that have teachers notes on australianscreen.

Historical factors - settlement, immigration, cultures

International factors - wars, sport, science, arts, global economy

Political factors - federation, monarchism, republicanism, multiculturalism

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