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DAV Schools Competition Topics 2011 - QuickLinks

A Grade (Yr 12)

Round 1: That we should ban Scientology
Round 2: That we should have a quota for women on corporate boards
Round 3: Secret topic
Round 4: Secret topic
Round 5: Secret topic

The Church of //**Scientology**// (R)

13 Apr 2009 ... Description of Scientology, its history, its founder, controversy about the Church, religious recognition in various › World religions

Scientology, What is it? - A Reference from the Church of Scientology

Scientology, a comprehensive reference on the religion and how it helps people live a better life. Find out for yourself and get your questions answered on

Scientology Lies | Scientology Lies

Scientology breaks the law, and lies to people, every day. Learn about Scientology'sabuses, the human face of Scientology, and what you can do.


21 Feb 2011 ... The woeful statistics on women in leadership are nothing new, but thecorporate response continues to disappoint. ...

Diversity Council Australia - Corporate Women's Network

DCA's Corporate Women's Network is a new initiative to support female employees. The forums will feature serious discussion on professional development that ...

Women better corporate managers than men

10 Aug 2006...A new university study has found profits are likely to rise under a female management team because women are more intuitive

B Grade (Yr 11)
Round 1: That we should prohibit building homes in areas prone to natural disasters
Round 2: That we should use prison labour for public works
Round 3: Secret topic
Round 4: Secret topic
Round 5: Secret topic

Home Building Topics - Natural Disasters

Despite advanced meteorological tools & years of research, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and fire still have the capacity to destroy lives and homes.Resist Natural Hazards | Whole Building Design Guide
14 Dec 2010 ... Later in the building's life cycle, additional opportunities to further reduce the risk from natural hazards may exist when renovation ...Protection from Threats & Natural Disasters -
Protection from Threats and Natural Disasters. Project output - assessment of building code arising from the protection of critical infrastructure and

Understanding the History of Prison Labor | Jack Landry

3 Dec 2010...The concept ofprison labor was popularized in the early 19th those morally superior and committed to thepublic good

Prison Labour in Japan

But a part may be spent to purchase goods in the facility. 4) Because prison labour is done as an execution of the sentence,...

"Prison Labor in America"

A quick look at the California Prison Industry Authority website, which hosts a catalog ofgoods available for public purchase, hints that this claim is

C Grade (Yr 10)
Round 1: That the government should not fund major sporting events
Round 2: That schools should be allowed to drug test students
Round 3: Advised topic: Crime and Punishment
Round 4: Secret topic
Round 5: That public transport should be free

//**Sport**// and recreation //**funding**// by //**government**// - Research and **...**

Funding for sport and recreation activities by all levels of government was more ... Localgovernments provided 49% of sport and recreation funding ($1.05 ...**

4147.0 - //**Sport**// and Recreation //**Funding**// by //**Government**//, Australia **...**

19 Mar 2009 ... Total government funding for sport and recreation activities was $2124.2m in 2000–01. Of this, the Commonwealth Government contributed ...

D Grade (Yr 9)**
Round 1: That we should ban violent video games
Round 2: That we should not allow animals to be used as objects of sport
Round 3: That we should ban beauty pageants
Round 4: That private schools should not receive funding from the government
Round 5: That space exploration is not worth the cost

Secret and Advised Topics

Secret topics are released one hour before the debate begins. Teams should arrive an hour and fifteen minutes before the scheduled debating time to allow time for roll call.

Advised topics are released in the same way as secret topics, but the general subject area of the topic is known in advance.