Dame Nellie Melba as Marguerite in "Faust" by Charles Gounod (date unknown)


Welcome Year 9 Humanities students to this Prominent Australian Women in History pathfinder where you will be guided to resources within the library and online to direct you in the research, writing and creation of your task. Click on the WOMEN ASSIGNMENT TASK 1.doc and Research Grid for Women.doc to ensure you understand exactly what it is you need to do. Remember to use a variety of information sources within your work.

Then refer to the Information Skills Research Model and follow the six steps outlined to plan, research, use and evaluate in the completion of this task.

You will find relevant information for your assignment by browsing the shelves according to the following Dewey numbers.
  • 305.2028
  • 305.4

On the catalogue and/or search engines you could try the following keywords to help you find the information you need. If you need any assitance just ask the teacher librarians.
  • Great Australian women
  • Women in Australia - Biography
  • Sportsmen and Sportswomen - Australian
  • Women in Music
  • Prominent Australian women
  • Women in Art


You will find the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB) Online, Australia's pre-eminent dictionary of national biography an invaluable source of information. There are over 10,000 scholarly biographies of significant persons during various times throughout Australia's history. Entries on individuals who died after 1980 will be added as successive volumes of the ADB are published.
Who is in the ADB Online?
ABD Online

Famous Australians lists many Australians who have contributed significantly to Australia’s development in some way, whether through discoveries, leadership, cultural achievement, sporting prowess, science, technology innovation, … .
A separate listing is provided for Indigenous Australians. It includes people from all areas of achievement.
A final section includes biographical information resources related to all Australian achievers

The Australian Womens’ Register - this website is a rich and growing source of information about Australian women and their organisations

Notable Australian Women -

Trove is a discovery experience focused on Australia and Australians.

Picture Australia - Australiana pictures hosted by the National LIbrary of Australia

Use Sweet Search on your chosen prominent Australian woman for reliable and credible information

If you wish you will find a range of resources on individual Australian women try searching the Victorian Department of Education FUSE website.

1901-1945: Australian Women's Heritage Series

1945-1986 Australian Women's Heritage Series

Janet Holmes a Court 1943-

Jenny Kee 1947-

Nancy Bird 1915-

Oodgeroo Noonuccal 1920-1993

Magistrate Pat O'Shane 1941-

DVD and video collection

Ursula Frayne: a woman of Mercy - VT 271.9202 FRA

Australian women's heritage: a visual history 1788-1901 305.409 94 AUS

Australian women's heritage: a visual history 1901-1945 - VT 305.409 94 AUS

Australian women's hertiage: a visual history 1945-1986 VT 305.409 94 AUS

Don't forget that you need to record all the resources you use in your assignment in a Bibliography. Check out the Bibliography Wiz grid to help you in preparing your Bibliography.