Web 2.0 Protocols

The eSmart committee recommends the following tools for teacher wishing to incorporate Web 2.0 into their learning and teaching

Wikispaces to be used for group collaborative learning and presentation.

Wordpress for blogging

Googlesites for creating a website and setting up a gmail site and also providing access to
  • Google reader
  • Google news
  • Google scholar
  • Google books

Facebook is a good way to engage and communicate with students in Subject areas and domains e.g. olmclibrary, media, drama and dance pages.
It is not recommended that Facebook be used for assessment or assignments.
It is recommended that teachers do not 'friend' with students.
Due to concerns about privacy and safety this must be a
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Twitter is becoming a tool of choice of many teachers to communicate and can be a good source for self professional learning. Twitter can be synchronized to Facebook.
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