Carbon Tax vs Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme

Welcome Year 10 Commerce students to this Economic decision-making case study pathfinder where you will be guided to online resources to direct you in the research and writing of your research and recommendation the Federal Government should introduce the Carbon Tax or a Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme. Click on the ETS Assignment 2011.doc and assessment rubric to ensure you understand the task. Remember to use a variety of information sources within your work.

Then refer to the Information Skills Research Model and follow the six steps outlined to plan, research, use and evaluate in the completion of this task.

It is very important that you accurately site all the sources (print and online) of your work in the form of in-text references and a bibliography (end text). Refer to the OLMC Years 10-12 Style Guide. On the library catalogue, search engines or searching tools below you can use the following keywords to help refine your topic.

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This topic requires careful research. Opinions are divided on the benefits of implementingeach of the policies and there is a lot of mis-information circulating.How can you ensure you are looking at reliable information?

Try to examine the source for bias:

  • Who is the author and what credentials / qualifications / experience do they have to be speaking on this topic?

  • Is there an affiliated organisation with the page? E.g. a sponsor.

  • Can you determine why the author has published this information? E.g. To make money?

  • Does the information correlate with the information on the government's website?

  • Is there a reference link or list provided?

  • What opinion is coming through?


What is the Carbon Tax and how will it work? Who will it affect?

Official Government Plan -

Use the tabs with information for households and small businesses. - Who supports this website?

Australian Policy Online – The Clean Energy Plan

Factbox: Carbon Taxes Around the World - World News Australia SBS (11 July 2011)

Suggested Search Engine Terms: “carbon tax” .gov explained

What will be the economic impact of the Carbon Tax?


2011/05: Should Australia introduce a carbon tax? from Echo Online
Echo Online publishes regular outlines of issues. These are analyses of newspaper treatment of events, controversies etc. The outlines set out the arguments for and against (as put forward by journalists and commentators) and provide background information on the particular issue.The issue outlines also contain links to vetted, relevant documents and sites on the World Wide Web. (Username and password for access are on the Library Portal.)

Carbon Tax Bottom Line: Case Studies from around Australia. ( -Fox Production)

Carbon Tax: What is means to you. (Fox Production) Includes calculator.

Clean Energy Future Youtube Channel - Government website containing a number of videos explaining the carbon tax and benefits.

Business and Economics News - The University of Melbourne

Carbon Tax Explained (Channel TEN Youtube clip) Quick explanation of the figures.

Pushing for a Carbon Tax in Australia - The Economist (July 2011)

Suggested Search Engine Terms: "carbon tax" implications affect australia

What is the ETS and how will it work? Who will it affect?

Australian Conservation Foundation (AFC) - What is an emissions trading scheme?

Office of Environment and Heritage - What is emissions trading?

Carbon Trading for Dummies and Carbon Trading for Real Dummies from The Australian Climate Exchange. A long but clear explanation of the emissions trading scheme.
Emissions trading: The 'carbon market' - explains the carbon market.

Suggested Search Engine Terms: "emissions trading" scheme .gov

What will be the economic impact of the ETS? – Emissions Trading Scheme tag -

ABC Bush Telegraph – Audio: Carbon tax or Emissions trading?

Adopt a Perspective...

General Research

The Age Online database

Usernames and passwords are kept on the Portal under Library Subscriptions in the left column.

The Digital Age Online

Newspaper articles across all perspectives.

Google News Search

Search and then select ‘Pages from Australia’. Advanced search – select ‘Sort by date’.


Online database of journals, newspapers, books, maps, transcripts. Tick ‘Australasian Documents’. Sort by Date.

Sweet Search: A Search Engine for Students

Search more reliable websites.

Scientific Perspective

Australian Conservation Foundation: Why we support a price on pollution (April 2011)

Science Alert:


Search here with “carbon tax” or “emissions trading scheme”

NOVA Science in the News

Search here with “carbon tax” or “emissions trading scheme”

Mining Industry Perspective

Adapt information to apply to workers or employees.

Search terms: “carbon tax” mining industry

Australian Coal Industry- Includes Carbon Tax news.

Carbon Tax Bottom Line: Case Studies from around Australia.

( -Fox Production)

Carbon Tax: What is means to you. (Fox Production) Includes calculator.

Carbon tax will cripple Australian coal industry: new study (Institute of Public Affairs)

NSW mining industry reaction to carbon tax (Australian Journal of Mining)

Family Perspective

Carbon Tax Bottom Line: Case Studies from around Australia. ( -Fox Production)

Carbon Tax: What is means to you. (Fox Production) Includes calculator.

VENN Diagram
A Venn diagram is used to compare two things, people, places, events or issues, by recording aspects of similarity in the overlapping circle and aspects of difference in separate sections of the circles. Click on the PDF below for a blank Venn diagram.

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